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Key Feature

 First Turn-based and Strategy Online Game
8 towns, 16 classes and 56 creatures
900+ campaigns with epic storylines
Unique Anima and Dragon Scale Forge System
Glorious Legion Building & Exciting Legion Wars
Challenging Arena and PK Tournament
Distinctive Faction Prestige System 


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Harmondale, such a quaint and pastoral name for a city so entangled in war. It located at the center of the Antagarichean continent with easy access to the Tularean Forests of Avlee and the haunted wastes of Deyja to the north as well as the plains of Erathia and the swamps of Tattalia to the west. The Land of the Giants lie to the east, but the Titans and Dragons that infest that area are contained by the mountainous terrain and do not trouble Harmondale.

As always, the monster we fear the most is one of our own making. Harmondale’s unique location gave it the opportunity to become the trade hub of the entire continent, but also drew the eyes of those with greater ambitions. It was agreed that Harmondale would maintain its neutrality so no faction could seize it and have an immediate avenue of attack against another. Yet, in a daring coup, the Duke of Harmondale of was struck down and a puppet favorable to Erathia installed in his place. Erathian forces began pouring into Harmondale while Avlee troops began constructing fortifications in the Tularean Forest. So began the War of Discord. 

Years pass as the flags of Erathia and Avlee alternate above the skies of Harmondale. The struggle for control over this key strategic location had drawn the entire continent into war and even the Deyjan Necromancers grew tired of this constant bloodshed. Emissaries from Celeste and Eeofol began streaming out over the continent, testing the waters amongst their allies in preparation for a ceasefire. Eventually, an agreement was formed between the humans of Erathia and the elves of Avlee: Harmondale would be ruled over by Duke Melchior, a renowned half human, half elf noblemen with a reputation for fairness and impartiality.,/

The city was in ruins after so many years of war and the rulers that appointed Duke Melchior did not want Harmondale becoming another power to rival their own, so they refused all appeals for aid. The Duke, however, had a trick up his sleeve. He offered the entire city of Harmondale to anyone who could restore it to its former glory. Adventurers all over the world answered the call. 

In this age of heroes, one stood out from the pack. He and his followers visited the Dwarven Kingdoms and earned the friendship of the dwarves, ensuring Harmondale would be built by the finest craftsmen to ever set foot on Antagarich. Then, when a Lich Lord of unimaginable power threatened to seize Harmondale for himself at the head of an undead horde, the unknown hero rallied to its defense against daunting odds. 16 heroes stood together against the Lich Lord and his army of millions, and the bonds of brotherhood forged in the heat of battle that day would later lead to the formation of the Hero Union, which governs Harmondale to this day.  


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